Silver: All rings and earrings are Sterling Silver and stamped 925 (international standard).

Vermeil: Resin rings and earrings can be in Vermeil also known in English as Silver Gilt. (Silver 925 with gold plating 14k). Vermeil (a French word) is the official term when you apply gold to silver. If you apply gold to any other metal, it cannot be called Vermeil. Our Gold plating is 14k gold, and we use 2.5 microns thickness for the plating, which is the American standard for Vermeil. Vermeil like Gold is hypoallergenic and reduces greatly the need to clean the jewelry.

Brass: All our bangles are made out of Brass, unless specified. They are either plain brass (gold tone) or rhodium plated (silver tone). Rhodium is a precious metal used to plate silver or brass. It stays shiny longer, ages the same way as silver and requires very little cleaning. Our brass, unlike other alloys, does not change or turn green and does not cause any allergic reaction. It is in fact even a natural germicide.

Resin: Our resin is a "Gem Grade Resin", a high tech “Two Step Epoxy” used mostly in jewelry that allows us to get the same luster and transparency as glass, but is harder than glass. It will not scratch nor shatter unless you hit concrete or a very hard and abrasive material.

Ceramic : Our Ceramic is a high tech Ceramic. It is light and not fragile. We use 14K for our Ceramic Collection as well as silver.

Gemstones: We always use Real Gem Stones for all our resin jewelry (usually white Topazes, black Sapphires or Garnets), unless specified. 

Gold: We use mostly 14K for our “Stone Collection” and 14K or 18K white or yellow gold for our “Gold Collection”. All pieces are hand fabricated and One of a Kind. We use precious and semi-precious natural gemstones for both collections.

Signature: All our silver jewelry have a micro stamp "925" and sometimes a small round micro stamp (with the initial SH, Sean Hill) when the design allows it. The brass pieces bear only the “SH” micro stamp as shown below.

How to care for Sean's jewelry: Items in silver can be cleaned with a regular polishing cloth or any other silver cleaning material available on the market (they should not be abrasive). Vermeil pieces can be simply cleaned with a regular polishing cloth. For brass bangles, you can clean them with water and soap, a polishing cloth or simply use a brass cleaner commercially available such as Brasso. All these treatments will not harm or damage the resin or ceramic in any way.